Automobile Engine Repair Chilliwack 

Engine Timing Belt Services

The old saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t always apply to your vehicle. Take your timing belt for example. Your timing belt should be replaced well before it jumps a tooth or reaches its breaking point. If it breaks, catastrophic cylinder head damage will most likely occur. Replacement intervals can vary, but most manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement every 100,000 kilometers. Make sure you ask us what your timing belt replacement interval is. Book an appointment for automotive services in Chilliwack today!


Engine Decarbonization Services 

When’s the last time your vehicle had a tune-up? How about an engine decarbonization? Regular tune-up and maintenance is key to ensuring your vehicle performs when you need it most. On those cold winter mornings or hot summer afternoons, you want to hop in your vehicle, turn the key and drive away. A misfiring spark plug can quickly deteriorate your oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, resulting in costly repairs. Ask for a complete vehicle inspection on your ride to give you peace of mind and ensure trouble free driving.