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Does your car make an audible clunking sound when you shift gears? Does it feel like your car switches gears for no apparent reason while you are driving?

 If you are concerned about the performance of your vehicle’s transmission or clutch, the dedicated team of certified technicians from Chilliwack Pro Auto Care can help. Book your Chilliwack auto repairs appointment today!


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Transmission Service & Repair

Since the transmission is one of the most complicated components of a vehicle, it is extremely important to have the transmission properly serviced and repaired by a certified technician. No matter what kind of issues you are having with your car’s transmission, the team from Chilliwack Pro Auto Care can diagnose and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, including completely overhauling the transmission if necessary.

Common Signs of Transmission Problems

If you think that your vehicle’s transmission needs service or repairs, make sure to look for some of the most common signs of a failing transmission, including:

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Transmission Repairs from Chilliwack Pro Auto Care

At Chilliwack Pro Auto Care, we understand how important it is to properly service and repair your vehicle’s transmission. That is why our team of highly qualified service technicians are trained and experienced in working on manual and automatic transmissions for all kinds of vehicles. Our dedicated team can diagnosis and repair any transmission issues you are facing in our repair shop. Get in touch with the expert technicians from Chilliwack Pro Auto Care today to learn more about our transmission repair services or to book an appointment.

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